Acornford Launch New Multi-Property Inventory App for Landlords, Letting Agents & Tenants

Acornford Launch New Multi-Property Inventory App for Landlords, Letting Agents & Tenants

Innovators in software for small businesses and property management, Acornford Backoffice Cloud, have released “ABC Inventory”; a new app that will make inventory-taking more efficient for Landlords by recording over one thousand details and photographs for each property they own.

London, UK, April 2018 – Acornford Backoffice Cloud are innovative software solutions providers for small businesses and professionals within the property sector. This month, Acornford have expanded their mobile app portfolio, with a highly detailed inventory-taking app for professional landlords and letting agents managing multiple properties.

The main features of the ABC Inventory app include:
– The ability to record huge inventories sorted by property
– Instant generation of professional inventory documents
– Instant transfer of inventory documentation via email
– One of the most comprehensive inventory checking lists on the market, comprised of over 1,000 optional pieces of information. From sizes to fixtures, materials, condition and number.
– Instant photograph upload from the device camera
– Limitless access, even without an internet connection
– Available on Android; downloadable in the Play Store

When performing a property inspection, it’s easy for intricate details to go missed. This is where ABC Inventory outperforms other checklist apps, because the ABC Inventory list takes into account every nook and cranny in each room, exterior, utility, storage and connecting area of a property. It prompts inspectors to record gas meter readings, energy suppliers, valve locations, circuit board types and damage – crucial details that could be important later down the line, yet so often overlooked.

Landlord and Acornford CTO, Margaret Kramarz elaborates,

“Inventory checks at the start and end of every tenancy are absolutely crucial to landlords but can result in a mountain of paperwork and photography to put together. ABC Inventory was created to dramatically simplify this process but with high quality documentation produced at the end.”

With the huge amount of the information the app records and high quality of the documents produced, ABC Inventory is set to benefit professional landlords and letting agents in the UK who want to make property inspections more efficient, by using a tool that is instant to access, enhances communication and protects the landlord with an incredibly thorough inventory list.

Acornford CEO Peter Goodwin comments,

“We anticipate that some property managers will have had their current inventory checking system for years, and that moving from reams of paperwork to a digital piece of software can be daunting for some. This is why we made the user interface as intuitive and easy as possible to use.”

“The app is very detailed, but definitely worth the initial time investment to prevent future problems.”

ABC Inventory will launch in March 2018 and made available on the app store for free for a limited time only, with 3 free inventory documents. Acornford also plan to release an iOS version in the near future and are developing an enterprise version for managers of large portfolios.

About The Company

Acornford Backoffice Apps is a trading name of Acornford Technical Services Ltd; a software development company based in London. Using cloud-based technology, they create software solutions for small businesses who want to streamline their operations and become more efficient through smarter applications of IT. For the property sector, Acornford have previously released the “ABC Mortgage Calculator”.

Enlisted to help with the creation of ABC Inventory were two digital agencies. The app was primarily developed by the Phoenix GMT team led by Charu Chawla.


digital agency who helped develop property inventory app


The final version of the app was contributed to by KISS Digital, by providing a custom solution for the inventory document generation.


KISS digital agency helping with the landlord inventory app



Media Contact: Peter Goodwin
Telephone: 0800 0781 0355
Images & more details available upon request.

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