Our Experience of outsourcing with KISS digital

Our Experience of outsourcing with KISS digital

Taking the step to use outsourcing can be a scary but often crucial step for any business. Whilst you want to see a boost in your productivity, you also want to be sure that the work is safe in the right hands. This means finding the right company to outsource your work to and knowing what to expect in the early stages for confirmation that you’ve chosen the right people.

Here’s our experience of outsourcing work to technology and communication agency, KISS digital.



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Who Are KISS digital?

KISS digital are based in Krakow, Poland and specialise in software development, marketing, and user experience. KISS stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid”; a concept rooted in the idea that the best results are often reached via the simplest methods. The team use this motto when making decisions to remind them to keep things simple.

Their services include software development (web & mobile), UX/UI design & testing, graphic design and digital marketing. By far their biggest department is the development team which is what this review primarily focuses on. Their developers are experienced in Swift, Objective-c (iOS), Java (Android), PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery and more.


How did we choose KISS?

Our experience in outsourcing for an extra pair of hands tells us that one of the key aspects to prioritize is skills. As a technology company that delivers various technical solutions for SMEs, the skillsets we need can vary time-to-time, especially as the technologies we work with across multiple devices continue to develop and change over time.

When looking for a suitable company to outsource to, we also want to minimize risk, by having 100% clarity on what we’re paying for, testing the agency’s knowledge and looking at the quality of their previous end-products.


it outsourcing company telephone interview


Starting with a shortlist of companies, we ask others in our network for recommendations, inspect prospective company websites, read online reviews and pick up the phone to ask them some questions.

Key things we look for:
– The right skills and specializations
– Excellent Knowledge
– Evidence of previous work
– A transparent charging policy
– Low risk
– Reviews and recommendations
– How they compare to others we’ve worked with in the past

When looking at KISS digital, they stood out to us because they ticked all of these boxes, especially for the many specialist skills we needed. More importantly, this was evidenced in their strong portfolio of previous work. Their portfolio is varied and particularly showcases the skills they have in web and mobile application development.

Their pricing was very clear, and we were sent a bio of the developer that would be working with us beforehand – a personal touch we appreciated! The team came across as a passionate group of people, as evident in their blog and social media and were very knowledgeable on the phone. This made them more trustworthy to us and seem less risky to us than an “everything under one roof” agency with big promises and a scripted sales person on the phone.


How did they perform?


kiss digital agency performance review



We’ve been working with KISS digital since June 2017 and we must credit them for living up to the standards promised on their website. KISS have proven to be very responsive and their developers never shy away from a unique or extra-challenging task. All our projects with them have run smoothly and tight schedules have always been kept to.

Their knowledge has been excellent, including a good understanding of licensing ramifications which is important to us. Their expertise comes at a higher cost than some of our previous developers, but the pricing is well laid out, reasonable and it’s always clear exactly what we’re paying for.


Would we recommend them?

Overall, we found our experience with KISS digital to be exactly what we needed and they have lived up to their promises. With KISS, there has been less back-and-forth than we’ve found with some other agencies, meaning tight schedules are easier to meet, and you don’t feel like you have to micromanage every project.

Whilst they are a little pricier than other companies we have used, we recommend them for work that requires an extra level of expertise, where communication is critical, time is short and you need to hit the nail on the head first time.


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