Phoenix Infomedia: The Creative Digital Agency

Phoenix Infomedia: The Creative Digital Agency

Providing First Class Digital Services

Phoenix Infomedia is a successful digital company that was set up in March 2008. The business was created to provide a range of digital services to clients such as app development, digital marketing, and SEO. By employing experts in each digital area, clients are able to get top level service and can outsource any work that they do not have time to complete in-house.

The creators of the company all have a vast amount of experience in the digital domain and have worked with businesses across the world. One of the creators is Navin Arora who has 18 years of experience in web and mobile and is passionate about app development. He is the founder of ‘Appsjunction Meetup’ which is the current number one app enthusiast meet up in the UK. Once a month in London, app entrepreneurs get the chance to network with developers and discuss their ideas. This is a great way for app start-ups to begin the app development process.

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The company’s office is based in Noida in India and has an outstanding workforce of 50+ employees, all with great abilities and skills. Phoenix Infomedia’s aim is to make their clients a success and take the pressure off them by providing a variety of services so they can focus on essential in-house tasks.


The benefit of using Phoenix Infomedia is that they do not simply provide one service, they provide a full array of options. This means you can come here for all your digital needs as opposed to using several different companies which can become confusing and difficult to manage.

App Development

Have a great idea for an app but need help creating it? Look no further as Phoenix Infomedia are specialists in mobile app development. They will work with you on your app design and use their magic to create a high functioning, quality app for you. They have developers in IOS, Android, Appcelerator and HTML5 meaning you can find the perfect developer for your app.

Phoenix Infomedia have created award winning apps such as the London Travel Planner which is one of the top free travel planning apps on Android and IOS. Other successful apps include MovieDate, Motivate2Win, LoveinLondon, and WakeMeUpNear.

You can find a portfolio of the company’s apps here.

digital outsourcing services

Web Design

Your website’s appearance is of high importance as it can impact a customer’s view of your business. If you want a fresh website design that is professional, user-friendly, clean, and eye-catching then you have found the best company for the job.

Their design experts have created more than 50 websites for various sectors such as e-commerce, hotels, and dating. Previous work includes CWsingles which was highlighted in the Metro Newspaper in the UK.

Digital Marketing

Phoenix Infomedia is committed to achieving great online marketing results for clients – their success rate is 99%. They will use their expert skills to improve visits, traffic, conversations, and social media interactions. They aim to make your brand visible around the world and increase direct sales using content marketing, email marketing and PPC. What’s more is that they promise you will see results within six months.

digital agency providing outsourcing services

Other Services

SEO, SMO and ASO services are also available. These services help to make your app or website more visible to your clients. SEO is used to increase traffic and search engine rankings, SMO can build brand awareness via social media, and ASO focuses on rankings and traffic for apps. These are all great tools to bring traffic to your website/app.


Phoenix Infomedia have worked with a vast collection of clients. A preview of their client work is below:

• The Entertainer ( – SEO
• Student Job – SEO
• 365 Positivity – App Development
• Foodienation – App Development
• CV Snip – App Development


With Phoenix Infomedia you can use as many or as little of their services as you like. You could outsource app development to them, and you could also ask them to market your app. The choice is yours and this flexibility allows you to free up time in-house to focus on essential tasks such as customer service and sales.

To get started with Phoenix Infomedia you can send them an enquiry on their website or use their online chat function which is extremely useful. You can also contact them via telephone or email.

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Why We Chose Phoenix Infomedia

We chose to work with Phoenix Infomedia to develop our first app. We had no prior experience of app development and had a limited budget. We were encouraged to work with the company by the transparent manner in which Navin manages the team and development. Navin provided us with online guides which introduced us to the process, highlighted cultural differences, and the importance of communication.

We have engaged with the team managed by Charu Chavla in Noida. They navigated us through the development process which turned out to be more demanding than initially anticipated. We have been working together for the last three years and are preparing for a beta release of the app before the end of the year.

The developers are very helpful and enthusiastic. Where necessary, they were able to implement third-party solutions such as ‘itextpdf’, which attract very reasonable licensing costs.

Overall, this has been a good experience and we can recommend Phoenix Infomedia for the outsourcing of MVP development.

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