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Small Business Apps for Entrepreneurs

At Acornford Backoffice Cloud, we create mobile solutions for people on the go who want to streamline the operations of their business. We develop them as apps for mobile devices capable of working offline if necessary. Access to the cloud will allow the functionality of the apps to be extended.

We currently market two apps for the property sector, both of which are available on Android. These include our ABC Mortgage Calculator and most recently launched ABC Inventory Checking App.


ABC Inventory Checking App

ABC Inventory app banner

ABC inventory helps landlords and letting agents take quick property inventories and produce professional inventory reports, all from a mobile phone or tablet. These reports can be exported to PDF format, then be saved and sent to tenants and or the office for your own records.


ABC Mortgage Calculator

ABC Mortgage Calculator Banner

The ABC Mortgage Calculator enables anyone to easily calculate mortgage payments based on mortgage value, term, type, and interest rate. Simply input the mortgage details and monthly payments are calculated.