The ABC Inventory Checking App

‘ABC Inventory’ is a new rental inventory app developed by Acornford Technical Services as part of our Backoffice Cloud Apps series. The app enables tenants, private landlords and letting agents to create an inventory report for a property in a few simple steps and soon, store inventories and property details for huge portfolios.

Our inventory checking app is one of the most comprehensive on the market and we are currently working on enhancing the functionality to amalgamate the data on the web portal and create reports (expected end of 2018).


As shown in our video, every detail of a property can be easily recorded in the app, including current condition, furniture materials and photographs and it’s all exported into one professional inventory document.

More About our Property Inventory App

Why Use Our Landlord App?

• Fast, efficient, user-friendly app which can be accessed offline.
• Record over 1000 property details including fixtures, measurements, condition, and number.
• Photographs can be added instantly from the device camera.
• Instantly generated property inventory reports.
• Professional reports sent direct to your email.

property inventory app review massive timesaver and professional"

property inventory app review - easy to use and no errors

Take a Look

Take a look at how our app works below.

property inspection app screenshot

Simply add your property, input your rental inventory details, then generate your report. The report can be saved, emailed, and sent to the tenant or staff at your letting agency.

Our Advice to Landlords

A few handy tips for landlords:

• Always keep up to date with the latest changes and legislation.
• Ensure prospective tenants are fully vetted and credit checked.
• Carry out inventory checks at the start and end of every tenancy. This way you have a record of the property’s condition before tenants move in and when they leave, which can save time and money during deposit disputes.
• Allow tenants to review the property inventory report and sign it at the start of the tenancy.
• Make sure you protect your tenants deposit by putting it in a deposit scheme or insuring it.

This Project is being Crowdfunded!

We are currently adding reporting functionality to ABC Inventory and with a little bit of crowdfunding hope to raise the funds that will promote the app to others. With more members, we can further develop the app to suit our customers’ needs and create a corporate version for letting agencies.

Project Backers will receive:

£5 = Promo code for 10 free inventory reports

£20 = 5 ATS keyfobs with QR code, inc. UK Delivery

£50 = Entry on the backers map

£100 = Hall of Fame

£1,000 = Own branding on the app

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Download our app here to get started.

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