We’re Crowdfunding!

We’re Crowdfunding!

If you’ve been following our projects or looking for apps to help with your property management, then you’ll be interested to hear about our crowdfunding opportunity.

Our inventory checking app, ABC Inventory is built and ready for use on the Google Play Store and we’re looking for your support to add some additional features for users and gain more members.

Here’s an overview of what ABC Inventory does for you:

About the App

ABC Inventory is an inventory checking app that guides you through each room of a property, prompting you to check all the important features that can be easily missed. It stores entire inventories and photographs for multiple properties and exports inventory documents to an email address of your choice.

Here are some key features:

– Store over 1,000 pieces of optional data per property

– Add dimensions and item descriptions

– Rate condition of furnishings and appliances

– Guidance on which areas and items to check per room

– Generate Inventory Documents

– Instant photograph upload

– Offline access


If You Sponsor Us

If you join us on the ABC Inventory app’s journey, you will be helping us to add some in-depth reporting functionality and promote the app to others. With more members, we can continue to develop the app to suit the needs of our users and create a corporate version for letting agencies.

Project backers will receive:

£5 = Promo code for 10 free inventory reports

£20 = 5 ATS keyfobs with QR code, inc. UK Delivery

£50 = Entry on the backers map

£100 = Hall of Fame

£1,000 = Own branding on the app

We appreciate all the support we receive and endeavour to make our apps suit the needs of landlords, letting agents and tenants alike. We also appreciate your feedback on the app, so if there’s something you’d like to see added please do get in touch via our contact form.


visit our crowdfunder page button

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