Proptech at the Property Investor Show

Proptech at the Property Investor Show

Whilst showcasing our inventory app at the Property Investor Show we saw a wide range of companies, from property investment to furniture suppliers.

house keys on table

Our mobile app ABC Inventory represented Proptech. This term relates to technological products that are created for the property industry. We were eager to meet other Proptech exhibitors and view their products at the show. Luckily for us, we were right next to one – the company PANONO.

We met the great team at PANONO and had a chat about their inventive product. PANONO is a 360-degree camera with a high resolution of 108MP. The product is aimed at professionals and is a brilliant asset for letting agents and landlords.

The camera allows you to take 360-degree images and create virtual tours based on the photographs taken. For letting agents and landlords this means they can provide prospective tenants with high-quality images and virtual tours of their properties.

See our 360 image from the day here

These premium images and the option of a virtual tour can enable letting agents to create a very impressive property advert.

The photos taken on the camera can be viewed on the PANONO app which is available via Google Play and the App Store. App features include remote triggering, exposure settings, and instant panorama previews.

You can watch our interview with PANONO below:

Ourselves and PANONO were the only Proptech businesses at the show, but we hope to see more attending in the future. Prop tech can be highly beneficial for people in the property industry.

The Latest in Proptech

The demand for Proptech is growing and there are many new startups who have created some great concepts. Here are a few recent Proptech products:

Homie (Website)

Homie helps tenants find their perfect rental without the hassle of trawling through property websites. Tenants simply enter details about their ideal home and a personal home finder will do the work and send them excellent properties. Viewings can then be arranged with a ‘Homie’ in attendance. This provides a unique personalised service for tenants.

Acasa (App)

Acasa is a bill managing app which helps people split the bills within their household. The app keeps track of all household bills and how much each person has paid. This is perfect for students and house shares.

GetRentr (Website)

GetRentr tracks private rented sector regulations within the UK. An automated service then monitors agents/landlord’s property portfolios to ensure they are compliant. This can help agents and landlords ensure they are compliant at all times and avoid fines.

We believe Proptech can be of great use for landlords, investors, tenants, and many more people in the property sector. It is wonderful to see new innovations in Proptech being released each year.

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