Landlord Vision Review – Online Property Management

Landlord Vision Review – Online Property Management

Rental property software at your fingertips

Landlord Vision is online property management software that is ‘designed by landlords, for landlords’. As the software is based in the cloud it can be accessed via desktop, tablet and mobile. There is an app available for mobiles/tablets, which is handy for quick access whilst on the go.

landlord properties for rent

The aim of the software is to help landlords organise their tenancies and have all the information they need at their fingertips. The software is free to use if you have up to three tenancies, prices start at £9.97 per month if you have more than three. The software is recommended by two well-known landlord associations: the National Landlord Association and the Residential Landlords Association.

So, is it any good? We tested the software to find out.

Getting Started

Signing up for the free version was super easy, only requiring basic information such as name, email address and phone number. No card details were needed. Once this is submitted, you are taken straight to the dashboard which contains an overview of your tenancies.

From here you can easily navigate to each different section by clicking on the appropriate tabs on the left-hand side.

landlords signing up for property management software


Property Manager

This section allows you to add new properties and then input essential details such as: alarm codes, waste collection days, utility suppliers and property images/documents. Adding a property was a breeze and having all these details stored in one place is a great feature.

You can also do your accounts in this section. Expenses, income, and payments can all be recorded in a few clicks which enables you to easily keep track of your finances. We like how all these functions are easy to use even for beginners.

Finance Manager

This is the place to manage any mortgages and loans. You can add details for each mortgage/loan and input when payments are due. This enables you to keep track of your payments and how much you have left to pay.

landlord using rental property software

Tenant Manager

We found the tenant manager to be a brilliant section. It has lots of features and will really help landlords to manage their tenants. In this section, you can add tenants, record tenant communication (to use in the case of any disputes), manage tenancies and record payments.

We especially liked the ‘Payment Schedule’ tab which enables you to view what payments are due and when, and if any payments are overdue. This is good for landlords who have multiple properties and need to ensure all tenants have paid rent on time.

Early Warnings

This feature can be very beneficial to busy landlords as it shows expiring tenancies, certificates, insurance, mortgages, and any upcoming payments. This means landlords can ensure everything is up to date.

tenancy agreement and keys for tenants


In this section, reports can be produced on rental income, expenses, cash flow and much more so that you can see how your properties are performing. Reports are produced in seconds and are a useful feature to have.


We tried the software on desktop and on the mobile app. We found the app version to be more basic than the desktop version. Features such as ‘Reports’ and ‘Tenant Journal’ were not available on the app which was slightly disappointing. However, the essential features were available and it was visually appealing and easy to use.

Our Opinion

We were impressed with this software and think it would be extremely useful for landlords. It enables landlords to manage all aspects of their tenancies and store all the information in one place. The fact that it is free to use (for up to three tenancies) is also a huge bonus.

The app version is very handy for when you are on the go but we found the desktop version would need to be used to access all the features.

We would highly recommend this product for landlords who want an easy and effective way to manage their tenancies.

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